Carry On Luggage Restrictions

airline carry on limits

Hand luggage allowance

Airline Baggage Fees and Luggage Size Restrictions

carry-on baggage


You may permit to carry duty free liquids in more than 3.4 oz or 100 ml in your carry-on bag if it follow the following conditions:

Better start measuring your bags!

Airport Security Checks

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Carry-On Luggage – Dimensions

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Size Allowance

Lufthansa transatlantic baggage infographic

Bulky Carry-on Baggage

United baggage fees

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Carry-on luggage

Carry-on Baggage


easyJet Cabin Luggage Restrictions


Carrying knives or other restricted items onboard an aircraft is a violation of Japan’s Aviation Law

hand luggage economy class

… current hand baggage restrictions in UK | by The CSB

American Airlines Baggage Allowance

… Express (Embraer 190 and ATR 72-600), there may be additional carry-on restrictions due to limited space in the aircraft cabin and luggage compartment.

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